Gingerbread Girl by Byers' Choice


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Gingerbread is one of the wonderful flavors of the holidays....Read more

Over the years, this tasty treat has been cut into various shapes, from hearts and stars, to bells and men. Decorating the gingerbread can be as much fun as eating them.
10" tall. Handmade in the Chalfont, PA.

"No two Carolers are ever the same. Byers' Choice craftsmen create unique character and personality in each figure using a variety of techniques and materials. Each craftsman leaves a bit of herself in each figure Up to ten people will work on a Caroler, so it's nearly impossible to find two Carolers that look exactly alike.-Joyce Byer

4463E / Byers' Choice / carolers / chanteurs / Fille / Fillette / gingerbread / girl / Pain d'épice

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