Matthew - Shepherd with sheep 5" Fontanini Nativity

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Shepherd Matthew is a 5 inch scale figure and is part of the House of Fontanini Nativity Centennial Collection.
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Fontanini Nativity figures are made in Italy and are richly detailed and hand-painted in an old-world palette for authenticity and enduring beauty. The figures are handcrafted from a specially formatted polymer that is resistant to chipping and breaking.

The Fontanini Nativity story of Matthew: The little lamb had been lost since mid-afternoon, and Matthew was very worried - hungry wolves roamed the hills near the fields where he kept his flock. He prayed to the Lord to protect his little lamb, and put his faith into the knowledge that the Lord would hear. Wandering further, he came upon the small sheep tangled in a briar bush, and a wolf was circling, preparing to make his kill. Matthew yelled and chased the wolf, and untangled the shaking animal. He knew that the Lord had watched over both him and his little pet. Matthew kept the lamb close beside him into the night. They awoke to a brilliant flash of light, and an angel in the sky heralding the birth of a Holy Child. The man and his lamb set off to see the King.

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